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Swimming Pools Auckland, Every buyer needs to know what is involved in building a family fun pool and creating your own tropical paradise in your own backyard.  We can help you to architecturally design and build your Swimming Pool's and Spa's and also have engineering plans specifications through to the pool permit requirements from the council.
Each Natural Pools & Rock Ltd Swimming Pools Auckland and Spa's is uniquely designed for your needs.

NP & R Ltd shotcrete concrete spraying has been built and developed over twenty five years.  We have formed a strong reputation from residential to commercial and civil construction work.  Our company is 100 percent kiwi owned and operated. 
 We have worked with roading companies, civil construction companies and local councils right through to the small residential jobs and shotcrete construction.


What is shotcrete?
Shotcrete is basically a form of sprayed concrete shot from a nozzle with a concrete  hose and has a pneumatic air system.  The mix is very dry and is shot from a nozzle under high pressure to form a one piece shell that is monolithic and considered  stronger than any other type of shotcrete concrete construction.
Shotcrete allows complete freedom of size and shape, since it follows any excavated shape.  The thickness of the shell and the number and size of the rebars can be adjusted to meet any structural requirements from the engineer.  If you have to build a shotcrete shell on filled ground, a shotcrete shell supported on concrete piers that sit on solid ground may be the answer particularly in pool construction.  Retaining walls that hold up car parks, buildings and foundations require a method of shotcrete interlocking anchoring.       
This type of construction led the way to the growth in shotcrete construction because it was a conventional technique.  It proved to be faster, and a less time consuming method of shotcrete concrete construction. 
We are happy to tender and quote all shotcrete projects.

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